Health Care Division

For human healthy life and alive, the recognized new developed and discovered
materials by the highest technology and researcher of Universities and
their Professors in Japan are marketing by the cooperation of TOWA Corporation.

Detailed characteristic and description are on your enquiry

Cosmetic Care

Anti-aging Cosmetic Ingredient: Promote Production of Collagen and Elastin,
Whitening, Gloss, Moisturizing for Skin, Suppress Melanin Production.

The materials had been discovered by the eminent and celebrated professors of
Japanese Universities.

Medical Care

Medicine: Original and Generic in the fields of specially Antibiotic and Oncology
as well as others

Medical Equipments and Surgical Tools

Natural Material

Red Chilly, Peppermint, Honey

Green is the symbolic color of environmentalism and sustainability. In many cultures, green is the color associated with nature and growth. Anything can be greenfrom energy policy to building design, parenting techniques, and economic strategies. Green is often used to describe efforts to reduce the impact of modern human life on the rest of the natural world

There is no single way to define being green, nor is there a limit to the number of efforts that can be made to go green. Many governments have made inroads to greener policies and regulations, while many industries have committed themselves to finding alternative fuels and renewable sources. Consumers have an increasing number of green options as well, from Energy Star appliances to fair trade products. Within the home, anything that helps the environment around you can be considered green, whether it is planting a small garden, driving a hybrid car, or even just recycling. Green has no finite endhumans will always have to tackle new challenges to living in harmony with the environment. But consider your day-to-day actions individually, and look for easy ways to improve.